How do I deal with a Javascript pop-up?

I have a page that has a pop up – which I want to close – is there any special way I can get rid off it?

Have been refreshing the page, but it’s not really ideal.

Depending on the type (and which program), Escape, Ctrl+F4 (Tabs usually), Alt+F4, (Alt+Space or Shift+F10, then menu selection, usually C or X), are what I would try. If this is in general for websites there might be a pop-up blocker setting, filtering / you can get a script blocker add-in for your browser or blacklist the site, etc.

Another option: If you want to click something that is only sometimes on a web page like an ad banner, use !errorignore

  • store | true | !errorignore
  • store | 3| !timeout_wait (dont wait so long)
  • click | locator of ad banner “X” button
  • store | 20 | !timeout_wait (back to normal)
  • store | false | !errorignore