How do I click on the box?

I’m new to this. I’ve selected the area but how do I select the tick box inside? Thanks in advance, JG


For this types of box the best way to select them is xclick and xtype with keyboard emulation KEY_DOWN and KEY_ENTER and KEY_TAB

Its a hard to give advice without a code example or access to the website.

However, it looks like you are using x click, if you are you will need to select the tick box with the green bounding box. (However this solution will not work if you are using multiple monitor currently).

You may also be able to use the Check command if you have the selector.

Thanks :raised_hands: @newuserkantu and :raised_hands: @Adam - This was super helpful, from your perspective what is the best place to learn more about UI.Vision and the art of what is possible?

Read in docs page and you have a large amount of command examples

I periodically save macro example to use in future.

Ui vision is a powerful software to automate have a large amount of command to do automation, need only to know the best way to realize a macro.

Usually best way is emulating keyboard and shortcut to do an action in fast and easy way.

Read here