How do I choose the browser's window for the macro to execute?

Hey guys! I am facing a rather particular problem: as you can see, aside the UI Vision RPA extension interface, there are 3 windows (not tabs). But when I press “Play Macro” it will execute in the first window that was opened. I am not able to select the window in any way (the command selectWindow only works for tabs), it will only run in the window that I want if I close all the others and play the macro. Please, help me, is there any way for me to choose the window to play the macro with UI Vision? I’ve been losing my mind for two days trying to make it work out.

What I have tried:
• Opening the extension in the window that I want;
• Using uivision.html, pasting its absolute path with /?direct=true&macro=‘name_of_the_macro’, in the very specific window that I am trying to run on;

But nothing seems to work out. I can’t choose the window to play the macro without closing all the other windows :(.

You can try XClick | imageOfWindowTitle.png