How can I Switch Tabs/Windows in Desktop?

How can I Switch Tabs/Windows in Desktop?

Can anyone explain me how to switch tabs in desktop?

But what are desktop tabs?
Simulate keyboard and mouse commands with Xclick and Xtype and reproduce the same actions

I want to click on below mentioned tabs but unable to navigate using xclick|img.png, even tried with OCR but no use.
Your quick help on this will be appreciated, Thanks!

You can use Xclick with image of tab to click or OCR with text to click

I do not use Chrome but on firefox I can swith the tab with CTRL + PAGE_UP and CTRL + PAGE_DOWN i’m not sure if working on Chrome

I am currently working on Desktop and Xclick is performing the even the image is valid.I am unable to proceed further in automating this task.Even OCR is also not working .