How can i stop the connecting for open command?

Hello, I use the kantu extension for chrome and when I use the command “open” to open url,for some reason the url open not success an error accur "[warning]
Web page connection issue. Retrying last command.[error][ignored]
ipcPromise: onAsk timeout 60000 for cmd “DOM_READY”, args “[object Object]” " but the website still connecting , I use command " refresh " to refresh the website no working,but when I manual stop the connecting and refresh by click the chrome refresh button open success, so Is the any command to stop open url then refresh when this error accur ?

Try adding bringBrowserToForeground command before every open command

Try to add more times in !timeout_pageload (set it in macro code or ui vision window) usually I set 300 seconds (5 minutes) to load a page max.!timeout_pageload

Good the suggest of @User9898

Add a periodically closing and reopening browser to reduce "error ipcPromise: onAsk timeout 60000 for cmd “DOM_READY”, args “[object Object]” because from this error ui vision can not continue to work normally and give you more errors.

I close and reopen periodically macro every 5-10 minutes via command line.

Thank you ,but I open only one tab I think may not help,I will try.

Thank you ,yes,the problem is then error ipcPromise comes ui vision can not continue to work,although the next command was executed but not work ,like refresh、selectWindow | tab=close .only wait the connecting is sucess or stop they may useful.

In my opinion the error "error ipcPromise: onAsk timeout 60000 for cmd “DOM_READY”, args “[object Object]” is random, when i see this error in my macro i have an automatic closing of browser and restart macro again.

The only working solution is close browser, close ui vision and restart again browser and ui vision, other solution do not work.

I agree with you,so can you teach me how to automatic closing browser when this error comes ?

I use a batch file to start macro and after execute a macro part close browser and start it again with other macro.

With a batch file you can run multiple test suite one after one.