How can I select an option from drop-dwon by first searching for the value


I’m new to the forum and want to know if anyone has ever encountered the problem below which i currently struggling on how to automate -

The drop-down field only shows the first 20 options and the user is expected to search any option beyond the first visible 20, and thereafter, select it by clicking on it.

However, when I tried to automate this using steps below

  1. Click on the field
  2. Type the option value (which is not among the first 20…)
  3. On trying to click the value entered at step 2 above (as it became visible at step), it is no longer visible.

Thus, the system expects that I should perform steps 2 & 3 under one step

Did you try using {KEY_ENTER} to select the item? Then you can do it in one XTYPE step.

Thanks for suggestion.

I have tried your suggestions but no joy.

I used the syntax below for steps 2 & 3 together and system couldn’t select the found item.

Type | text being searched ${KEY_ENTER}

Can you provide a link to the website? Or a video of the issue?