How can I read a page java script var value?

I have a page with a variable --> %{point_amount}
how do I read it value and store it in some var I can use ?


Load the page, and with storetext you detect element and save value.

IN html you see the result of %{point_amount}, you must save the result finded in the page.

it is not clear, can you give an example? execute_script does not recognize the var name.
in the page source i see the var.

This %{point_amount} in ui vision have not any function

This %{point_amount} working inside your page

What do you do with %{point_amount} inside ui vision ?

You want store the text “%{point_amount}” inside ui vision ? but have not any fuction

Have sense to store in ui vision the number of point amount scraped from your page.

Post image and url of page please

I know I can get it via scrubbing, that’s what I do right now, the problem is that it is sensitive to structural changes in the page, vs the script is probably less likely to change, if I can get to the document, find the script and read the script value as it is at certain point, I think it will be less fragile. no ?


What is the problem i always store value from page dinamically, need only to find a good xpath and you can scrape from dynamic page too

Post url page otherwirse it’s impossible to help you

i have it working, I cant send the link as its require login and certain setup, I can send the whole page source, when it happen again, but the ask is very generic, I have it working with xpath , don’t need help with that’s, I can also get some variable by (global) but not the ones with %{…} type.

I don’t understand your problem and your request, I know how to scrape data from web pages but I don’t understand the problem you have.

Add pictures, videos, because you didn’t explain your problem well