How can I deactivate "Retrying last command"?

I need to automate a website that has an highly dynamic Javascript based UI and captures the click events without returning true.
When clicking, it should download a file, but the macro retries the last command until it goes into error, and I need to escape this error with a onError|#goto|END

[info] Executing: | click | xpath=//*[@id=“current-user”]/a | |
[warning] Web page connection issue. Retrying last command.
[status] onError - about to goto label ‘END’
[error][ignored] ipcPromise: onAsk timeout 3000 for cmd “SET_STATUS”, args “[object Object]”

There is any way to avoid the macro to retry sending the last command?

Do you have a test website link for us?

A good workaround is to use XClick. It does not operate on the DOM, so it works especially well for highly dynamic Javascript based UI.

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I can’t provide a test website.

Ok, XClick works.

I have a similar issue with the error message “onAsk timeout 3000 for cmd “SET_STATUS”, args “[object Object]””.

In my case, I think it’s an error coming from the page itself, and what I’d like to do is to detect the error, and try reloading the whole page. Is this possible?

Hi @coastaldata - can you please provide a screencast of what is happening?

Apologies for the late reply! My problem turned out to be on the other end. Once the remote servers were fixed, my error went away.