How can I click link, then go back click next link, go back click next link and etc


I’ve a website with 100 link one by one
how can I open each one by one?

Thank yu

  1. Click on a home page link (if it exists)

  2. Use this Javascript with execute script: executescript | return window.history.back(-1);

in this case it will be moved back, to previus, but how then select next link?

Open - Main URL
It has Link1, Link2… Link100
I need to open Link1, go back to Main URL
I need to open Link2, go back to Main URL

I need to open Link3, go back to Main URL

Put urls in a csv and open it with open command it’s simple

Hm, I have website with URL like www.main.url
Then I have a category - www.main.url/category1
Then I have a list of links in this category
Then I have category2, and etc.
So, the logic is followin:

  1. Open www.main.url/catgory1
    Open one link, check, go back to category1
    Open second link, check, go back to category1
    and etc

I have fiund, that this xPATH //div[@id=‘main_div’]//tr
is for each link, so , open www.main.url/category1
cick //div[@id=‘main_div’]//tr, then go back
click next //div[@id=‘main_div’]//tr, ten go back
click next next //div[@id=‘main_div’]//tr, then go back

Save all url in csc and open it it’s very simple macro

i have 100 link, solution is to safe all 100 links?
Well, im trying to explain again :wink:
I have an starting url, -
It has 100 links like
link1, link2, link3 with different slug, so 1st link can be, second link can be and etc
So, what I need, is

  1. Open Starting URL
  2. Open One link, check that Name is exists, go back
  3. Open 2nd link do same, go back
  4. Open 3rd link, do same, go back

I cannot paste to csv file all my 100 links or, on another page it is 8.241 links

You can use an array to save all link and after you can open it

Csv is the best and simply solution