How can I choose sub-items in a menu on Firefox?

I want to choose the print option of the Firefox menu.
First, I’ve set desktop automation to true. I’ve try to use two xtype commands.
My first command was to open the Firefox menu. It is ok.
My problem was, when I try to use a second xtype command to choose the print option. Because, when I’ve tried to use it to choose the print option, the menu was closed and I could not select the print option.
What should I do?
Thanks in advance,

With desktop automation with image you can do this.

It’s a slow operation create a similar macro, i already automated an addon for firefox in this mode.

Alternative solution is using shortcut of firefox with Xtype

I’ve solved using the shortcuts. Thank you. Although, I believe that there are situations when I won’t have this alternative, and my qustions about how I should use the XTYPE command goes on.
Because in certains situations the options of the menu are hidden when I try to use the select button of the XTYPE command,
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