How can I add an email to confirm completion of downloaded reports?

I’m new to Kantu, but I’m beginning to piece together scripts to improve time consuming tasks. I have a script that downloads select reports and exports them to my hard drive, but I’d like to include an automated email to confirm completion. This script would be like I’m slow roasting in a pressure cooker, I’m looking to “set it” and “forget it”. So when the script has completed its job, I can somehow get a notification that it’s done. How can I get my script to generate this communication? Any ideas?

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Current solution:

You can use a macro that fills out a web form to send an email. For example, maybe you have a website with a contact form? UI.Vision can fill this out and send you an email.

Soon available: XRun (script) - this future feature will allow you to run any script from your macro, e. g. a Python script that sends an email or talks to an API.

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