How are people using Kantu?

Hey guys,

I’m a university student at Stanford University studying computer science and AI! I’ve recently become super interested in automation software like Kantu and iMacro so I decided to do a research project on web automation tools! I’m very interested in learning what kind of tasks people are automating using Kantu

Some top of mind questions for me are:

  • Are people using iMacro for work or for leisure?
  • If it is used for work, what kind of problems are iMacros solving for users? What kind of jobs requires such automations? How big a portion is “automating tasks” for this job?
  • How do people think about “Kantu” or even RPA solutions like UiPath?

Please let me know if anyone is interested in talking with me about your experience using Kanto! My email is, please contact me!