Hos does the player look like?

Hello - I have been using ui.vision for some time now and I really like it.

Like many, I am exploring selling my work to others and therefore interested in using the player.

I have two questions.

  1. Do I understand correctly that paying the license for the player would allow me to install the player on as many different computers/users as I need?

  2. Does anyone have screenshots to see what it looks like? Or a video of what the interface does and does not?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi, thanks for asking.

(1) Yes, the Player license - just as all other of our RPA licenses - is a one-time fee (no subscription! no recurring payments!) and includes an unlimited number of installations. That means you can share your Player license key with anyone in the company and your customers/users.

(2) How does it look? => We made a short 15-second video for it :slight_smile::

The UI.Vision RPA Enterprise Player has all features of Enterprise Edition, except the ability to create new macros. Technically speaking if UI.Vision RPA XModules are unlocked with the Player license key, you can not edit macros and the “Record” button is disabled. Everything else works 100% as in the regular Enterprise Edition.

Other RPA vendors often call such a Player license “attended bots”, " unattended bots" or “Orchestrator license” and charge for each installation. But not with UI.Vision! We at UI Vision do not distinguish between attended or unattended bots, and we do not charge you per bot. The Enterprise Player license gives you an unlimited number of attended and unattended bots.

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