Hire expert to create a Macro for us

I’m discovering this tool today, and I’d like to hire someone experienced to do something for us.

We basically want to mass-apply to some online tool, and UI Vision could help us automate this.
We have a few requirements that makes it harder, such as:

  • Not send the application twice for the same offer
  • Keep track of which applications were sent (external database, I’m thinking sending a webhook event with the offer ID, something “simple”)

Here is the workflow as I see it (might be improved):

  • Go to X url
  • Do a search (type text into a search bar and click enter and wait for results)
  • Open offer 1 (probably in a new tab)
  • Check if that offer is compatible (check against a sentence that is displayed on the site AND if that offer has already been done before), only continue if compatible, otherwise close the tab
  • Fill all inputs (with values that would always be the same)
  • Fill a “Upload file” input (that might be harder to automate)
  • Upload a file (fill a file input, part of the form)
  • Click on buttons, fill more inputs
  • Click on submit
  • Close the tab
  • Go to the next offer, do the same logic
  • When no more offers on page, go to the next page (pagination system)
  • Etc.

I’m not sure how much time it could take to build something like that. I’m thinking doing it with actual JS, but I was looking at something else, like UI VIsion, to ease the work. Not sure if everything is possible though, maybe it’s too complicated for UI Vision (especially the parts around calling webhook and comparing data to identify whether an offer has been filled before).

Please let me know if it’s not doable with UI Vision.
If it is and you’re interested, please give me a quote. This would likely be an hourly-based work, with an estimate of the number of hours required to build the macro. Thank you!

I would like to work on the project.
I cannot do webhook part.

When you need to create an automation, you don’t have to specify the steps but the person who creates the automation must establish them and must evaluate the best solution to perform a job. You just need to provide the site you work on and the final result you expect.

When an automation is created, there are often several more efficient solutions to obtain the final result by avoiding some actions, for example in some sites it is possible to use the GET function to skip some steps in the automations and make them much faster and more efficient.

It must always be the programmer who decides the best steps to obtain the final result and not those who order an automation who do not know how automations work on a technical level.

It takes a lot of time to understand how to make an automation rather than actually making it.

I thought about webhook, but storing what offers were applied to into the browser directly (i.e: localstorage) would work, too. i’m just not sure if UI Vision can write/read from localstorage.

I agree that the maker should come up with the ideal implementation, but my goal above was to help any potential people interested about how hard it would be, so that they would have a raw understanding of the job. Since I don’t know what are the limits of UI Vision, I thought it would help.

Btw, I am a developer too, so I really understand how things work underneath - or can learn, when I don’t.

P.S : I edited the main post because there is also a “Upload file” step involved, which I had missed, and could be tricky.

I sent you message.
If you can’t access then let me know.

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