Hi. New user here. Why is no text extractable from this image?

Hello. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Here is my image

Here is the result after uploading the image at https://ocr.space/ and clicking Start OCR!

“ParsedResults”: [
“Overlay”: {
“Lines”: [],
“HasOverlay”: true,
“Message”: “Total lines: 0”
“FileParseExitCode”: 1,
“TextOrientation”: “0”,
“ParsedText”: “”,
“ErrorMessage”: “”,
“ErrorDetails”: “”
“OCRExitCode”: 1,
“IsErroredOnProcessing”: false,
“ProcessingTimeInMilliseconds”: 2.218,
“SearchablePDFURL”: “(not requested)”

I can see there that “ParsedText”: “”, so I assume no text was found. What features of my image make it difficult for your server to read? What do I need to change?

Oh. I think I worked it out. My image has a transparent background. I gave it a solid background and then it worked fine. Apologies, newbie error. If this is already mentioned in the docs, then double apologies.

Hi Scott, thanks a lot for posting this test case plus the solution :slight_smile:

Indeed, the issue is because of the transparent background:

And as you said, once you add a solid background the OCR works fine with any OCR engine: