Help with symbols on OCREngine 1

Hey, I’m just playing around with the API, trying to automate something, and I’m having an issue with it (I understand OCR can’t be perfect!)

I’m using: isTable=true&OCREngine=1&scale=true

This is the image I’m trying to convert: so if I use Engine 1 I get it fairly bang on, but it misses a few like @jarebear@.

If I use engine 2, it picks them up, (misses an _ though, @jarebear_@), but also merges some numbers together, so it will give me say “30Motivation7”.

It also appears Engine 1 isn’t able to pick up the ‘1’, but I can just set a default on my side for that. Just wondered if you had any tips to pick up the @ and _ symbols on Engine 1? Thanks very much for your product!