Help with Screen Scraping Problem


I am having the hardest time finding a solution to this problem. I am trying to screen scrape the data from a webpage, then paste it into a Google doc.

I have tried OCRExtract (the output is very far off), storetext, storevalue, and have tried the screenshot feature.

Here is what the webpage looks like:


  1. OCRrelative - the result that it outputs looks nothing like the data.

  2. With storetext/storevalue - I get an error code ( [error][ignored]
    Line 33: timeout reached when looking for element ‘xpath=//“contentWrapper”]/div[4]/div/div[2]/div[10]/div/table[2]/thead/tr[2]/th[2]/div’

  3. With the screenshot. There is not a great way to get the screenshot to the clipboard.

Anyone have a solution to this or have experience with a similar problem?

You can try with XType. Simulate “Ctrl+A” (mark all) and then “Ctrl+C” (copy text).

Then the text is inside the !clipboard variable.

@admin thanks for your help. That solution didn’t work because there is so much data on the web page, it made it useless.

I found a solution where I captured screenshot, then used the export command, then, x clicked to downloads, x clicked the screenshot, then x type ctrl c, then ctrl v.

Thanks for the idea

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