Help with REST API Call

I could really use your help in this scenario. In a nutshell, I have an online forum that is filled out on my website then sent through Integromat to my CRM software. Once the CRM software receives this data I am then using RPA to click on the client field(s) and save the data as variables that are then used later to conduct a property search within a secondary website. The issue that I am running into is each time the CRM software is updated it breaks my code. My question for you all is if I know the client ID# could I somehow do a REST API (Get) call to my CRM then download the preset variables that I need? Here is the URL to the CRM API documentation:

Maybe this helps: How to click a button with a changing ID (partial ID match)?

There is no identifier to match to unfortunately I will just have to update it each time it changes.