Help with architecting a macro which in theory would be the most efficient solution

I don’t know if even its possible to do what I need with tools. Additionally if I can do with with the tools is it the most efficient means to do so in all cases. What i would like to do is crawl various different sites to pull from each of them downloadable .pdf’s. Each site is slightly different and when I have attempted to use available mass download software such as Jdownloader2 or Simple mass downloader they seem to be insufficient for the task.

Anyway I am at this point very frustrated and would love to know if this can be programmed for this simple task with various site complexities and yes a very detailed video tutorial would be great. Even a text based would suffice and if neither is available I def would love to pay for a private lesson that we can record with a tutorial and I will be willing to share it for free with the community when we are done. Thank you Joel Colombero 408 667 7443

The UI Vision robot can easily automate PDF downloads. But you probably have to create a macro for each website. There is no way to make an automation that works for all websites “out of the box”.

How (much) different are these websites?

I think yout is a long job to do, every site need a custom macro.

For download i use a download manager is more efficient and fast of the browser

Each of the sites are different. That’s good information, is there a tutorial on how to create a macro? Also how would I find someone I can hire to create a macro for me?

Each of the sites are different. What do you use for a download manager? I have used both Jdownloader2 and mass downloader both of which are not sufficient. Where would I go if I wanted to find someone whom could create a macro for me for pdf download or where would I find a good tutorial on it.

I figured it out. I need to put terms into this website:
I want to automate putting the terms in with a macro and them having each of them downloaded.

I use Free download manager and i generate the url to download with Excel (because need timestamp)

Before i used without success ui vision to download undreds of files but is not the best way for this job (ui vision is good for other jobs), with download manager i download undreds files in automatically, i import a list of url and it download all files.

thank you I will give it a try. For the following site with only a search engine capability would it help to use a macro:

In my case, after having examined the site well, I discovered that the url of the files to download used the same structure, so I created a urls generator with excel, added the parameters and download them in a short time with Free Downloader manager that manages the downloads, starts them gradually and checks me on the progress.
Creating a good macro takes a lot of time and work, so if you don’t know ui vision well you will not succeed, I tell you because I have been using ui vision for 3 years and therefore I know it very well and for download it is not the best choice, it is great for other types of work.