Help in source extract


Im trying to extract a field from html, and failed to do , I guess I do not understand source extract regexp.

here is the html (party of it) - using storevalue etc with xpath to the span does not work.

<div class="RafflesBottomBackgroundWrapper d-flex justify-content-between"><div class="align- 
self-center"><img class="ml-4 my-3" src="    1f839453f633558cdf04344ed67f88e9e0fe7cc8a17d078d8a5e1b5e235a34c8.png" width="24" 
height="16"><span class="pl-2">x 0</span></div><button type="button" class="btn btn-lg btn-    primary mr-4 my-2 w-30"><span><span class="fa fa-star"></span><span class="ml-1">20</span> 

Im trying to extract the “x 0” out of x 0
any idea ?

what I tried is target to be “regexp=/RafflesBottom(?:.|\n)span\sclass="pl-2.?>x\s*([0-9]+)<@1,1”
which work in regexp101
but value still not match

Can you please post a link to your working regex on ? Or a screenshot of it?

Then I can test why it would fail in UI Vision.

the paste of the above regexp has a mistake it did not paste the * after the first group, below I put the link to regexp101 with the right regexp