[Help] How to loop in Seeshell?

Hi guys,

I’m not sure if many here still use Seeshell ( I find its user interface a lot friendlier), but can someone point me into the direction of how I can loop a macro in Seeshell?


I used to use SeeShell and I liked its embedded browser and the friendly user interface, too. On the other hand, UI.Vision works directly in the web browser, is cross-platform and has desktop automation (RPA) support. This package convinced me, so I switched :slight_smile:

Anyway, to answer your question: SeeShell has no built-in loop support except the LOOP button. To do loops programmatically, you must use the SeeShell API plus external scripting.

Ui.Vision on the other hand, has plenty of loop commands (TIMES, WHILE…END, REPEAT…UNTIL).

Thanks for the response! Without much scripting experience Seeshell was more appealing for my simple applications. However, I will make sure to give Ui.Vision a shot to see if it can do what I need.