[Help] How to create simple "if... then" task in UI Vision or Seeshell?

Hi friends,

I’ve recently got into UI.Vision and have used Seeshell (very robust user interface) for automation and loved the interface and ease of usability.

My question is: How can I create a macro/task that can perform a click at another location, based on what image is on screen

For example:

  1. If picture of an apple is on the screen then, find and click the icon that is red circle
  2. If picture of orange is on the screen then, find and click the icon that is an orange square
  3. If picture of a banana is on the screen then, find and click the icon that is an yellow triangle
  4. and so on…

*both the image of the fruit and the icon images change after the correct answer is clicked

My experience in coding is quite limited please forgive me if this question seems too simple. :slight_smile:

Here info about if command


See also: If {picture} then {do this}

Hi, thanks for the response could you show me an example of how this can be implemented for my case specifically thanks!

I actually saw this video, however it seems this tutorial only seems to recognize one image (unless i’m understanding this wrong?) Is it possible to do “if picture A, then click picture B”, but “if picture C, then click picture D” so on and so forth?

Sure, that is possible. But can you add a screencast of the task that you want to automate? Then we can help better.

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A good example would be this quiz found here:

For example: I would take a screenshot of each question and the corresponding questions (true/false/etc.) . So when Ui Vision find the ‘image screenshot’ for question 3 it will answer by clicking the ‘TRUE’ ‘image screenshot’ (since the correct answer for question 3 is ‘TRUE’).