Help getting a response from hcaptcha

Screenshot 2022-09-18 at 16-33-13
i need to find a way to tell my machine that captcha is solved
without using visual search or any visual verify i need something without a use of xmodules

Why without XModules?

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Difficult to install on andriod I wonder if you can get. attribute on selenium?

if( document.querySelector(".h-captcha > iframe") && document.querySelector(".h-captcha > iframe").getAttribute(“data-hcaptcha-response”).length > 0)
How can I use this on current tab ?
Using vision UI

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Hi, do you have a test website? On hCAPTCHA Demo all works fine with the normal CLICK command:

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Yes it work fine but the problem is after I solve the captcha I wanna make sure that captcha is solved ( verified ) like little check :white_check_mark: mark then goes to the next step for example

When I use visual search for :white_check_mark: it count it as 1 in $cat variable so I use repeatif $cat == 0 ( which mean the captcha isn’t solve ) then it start all over again unitll it solved I wanna do that without using visual command atleast a way to get.attrubute
Like in example if see image do action
I tried to use command wait for element to be visible it didn’t work it says can’t Find DOM

The hcaptcha page is all Javascript, so the classic selenium web scraping commands like storeText or storeChecked will fail.

Visual search is certainly the best method. Why exactly does it fail? (I did not understand this detail).

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There is store attribute I have no idea what it do also executeScript ? Also Attribute does change when I solve the captcha

The Selenium store Attribute stores the attribute value of specified HTML element into a given variable (e. g. URL or color… if the element has such an attribute). But it fails if there is no regular HTML text, like here the captcha is some kind of JS box magic, storeAttribute can not see inside. => visual automation FTW

All I had to do is select correct index in select frame command worked ty

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Nice information, thanks!

Hey is there any hcaptcha image challenge with fade in/out images feature like recaptchav2 ?

thank you man for your response