Handle Telegram bot images

Hi! I’ve used the OCR service to parse text from images
received through Telegram Bot. For some period of time it worked
perfectly. But since last week approximately I’ve started to get the
“OCRExitCode”: 99,
“IsErroredOnProcessing”: true,
“ErrorMessage”: [ “Some internal processing error occurred. Please give
us some time, we are looking into this!” ],
“ErrorDetails”: “”,
“ProcessingTimeInMilliseconds”: “468”
The error occurred without any
code changes at my app and reproduces any time I try to get a response
via bot code or Postman or OCR online converter. The same image saved in
another service (for example in Cloudinary) parses as expected.
example Postman request:
curl --location --request POST
\ --header ‘apikey: {OCRAPIkey}’
\ --header ‘Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded’
\ --form ‘language=rus’
\ --form ‘isOverlayRequired=true’
\ --form ‘url=https://api.telegram.org/file/bot{TelegramBotAPIkey}/photos/file_35.jpg’
\ --form ‘filetype=jpg’
Please, advice how may I fix the problem.
Thanks a lot for the amazing service!

If it worked before, I think that Telegram changed something on their servers. The image link that you sent me (thanks!) does not load like an image. Below you see how a normal image looks in Postman.

As for a solution, can you convert the Telegram served image to a normal image? Maybe by downloading it and re-uploading to another place?

Normal PNG image:

And here the telegram link: