Google captcha and resize the browser

Dears ,
i’m facing google captha while i’m testing web application
i used
1- click “i’m not a robot”
2- pause script "pause command "
3- solve the captha images
4- press verified image button
5- resume the script

my question is there any way or any solution if verified button been verified correctly the script continue to work automatically

my seconded question is
i need to resize the browser to (x and y) dimension while record and play the script .


Question 1: For clicking the button, use XClick (image of button)

Question 2: Use the setWindowSize command

question two done

but question i cant figure it out if you have an online example script
i’ll be much appreciate for you kindly support

by the way am very newbie for testing section


For question 1, can you add a screenshot or screencast of what exactly needs to be automated?