Gmail automation issue in standard mode

I am unable to automate Gmail in standard view. I am able click compose and get the cursor into the To: field of the new message pop up window. I have been unable to automate typing anything in the To: field.

I am successful if I change Gmail to its basic HTML view mode (designed for use with slow connections). BUT in do this I lose the ability to maintain graphics in the message being sent while in basic HTML mode.

Here is one of many attempts to auto fill the To: field.

Executing: | store | !ErrorIgnore | true |
Executing: | store | !replayspeed | slow |
Executing: | open | |
Executing: | visualAssert | RoThba_dpi_159.png | 1 |

Since the cursor was in the To: field, I also tried just using the ‘type’ command.

Gmail in standard mode is a highly complex web app with tons of tricky Javascript. This makes automation via DOM-based automation tools (like the Kantu Selenium IDE commands) tricky. If you are on Windows, I highly recommend that you use SeeShell and its purely image-driven approach, that will make the task much easier.

If you are on Mac and Linux, stay tuned for future Kantu updates that bring some of SeeShell technology to Kantu.