Getting Started

I am looking for a tool to automate the testing of a web site that I have developed. I’m looking at Kantu rather than Selenium IDE because it seems to be able to verify a whole page, including images and text, in one test, whereas in Selenium IDE I have to check each text element separately, and (as far as I can see so far) there is no way to check images. But I’m struggling to get started with Kantu. Is there somewhere a simple, blow-by-blow guide on how to run Kantu, to create an empty test suite, and to add a few tests to it? My tests will be something like:

  1. Go to my site URL.
  2. Check that the page has displayed correctly (images and text)
  3. Click the Help button
  4. Check that the help page has displayed correctly.
  5. Click the browser’s Back button
  6. Check that the login page has displayed correctly.
  7. Enter a non-existent username, and click Login.
  8. Check that the correct error message is displayed.
  9. Enter a good username and a bad password.
  10. Check that the correct error message is displayed
  11. Click the Forgotten Username link
  12. Check that the Forgotten Username page is correctly displayed.
  13. Enter a faulty e-mail address in the text box
  14. Check that the correct error message is displayed.
  15. Enter the correct email address, and click the Continue button.
  16. Verify that I receive the correct e-mail (doesn’t mater too much if Kantu can’t do this)
  17. Enter a good username and good password, and click Login.
  18. Check that the Welcome page is correctly displayed
    Etc. etc.

I would prefer to do all this via recording.

How do I get the beginner’s knowledge that I need to do this? Currently I can’t even see how to create a new blank test, that I can record into. It always seems to load a demo program.

Thanks - Rowan

I suggest to split this task in several smaller steps (macros), and then later you can combine them.

To get started:

  • Record a short sequence (e. g. step 1…3)
  • Replay to see if it works
  • If no: See if you can understand why it fails (if not: ask here in the forum :smiley: )
  • If yes, then rinse and repeat for the next steps (which will them macro2)

Thank you for your reply. Here’s what I have just tried:
Launch Chrome.
Click the Kando icon in the Chrome toolbar.
Select the Test Suites tab.
Click the +TestSuite button
Rename the Untitled test suite to my name.
Now I want to create a new macro in the new test suite - how do I do this? I would have expected that I click the +Macro button, but this only seems to give me a choice of demo macros. I can’t see how to create an empty macro that I can record into. Maybe I’m just meant to record, but in this case how do I select which test suite the result is meant to go into?
So, I will try the following:
Open a new Chrome window
Click the Kantu icon in the tool bar.
Click Record.
Enter the URL of my site.
My site’s login page displays.
How do I tell it to check all of the contents of the page (i.e. all text, images, links, everything)?
Click the Help On this Page button. My site’s login help page shows. How do I tell it to check all of the contents of this page?
The only thing recorded seems to be this:
“Name”: “Login Help 00001”,
“CreationDate”: “2019-10-4”,
“Commands”: [
“Command”: “open”,
“Target”: “”,
“Value”: “”
Why has it not recorded anything else (e.g. my click on the Help On This Page button?)

Thanks for your help.


Thanks for your reply. In order to get started with this, I need to know:

Which Chrome window or tab does Kantu work with (i.e. send its commands to, and monitor for content)?

How do I include in a recording a test that the correct page title has been sent? Presumably I use verifyTitle, but how does the correct value of the title get included in the recording?

How do I include in a recording a check that a section of text has been rendered correctly? Presumably I use VerifyText, but how do I record the reference to the text element, and its current value?

How do I include in a recording a check that an image has been rendered correctly? Presumably I use visualVerify, but how do I record the reference to the image I want to check, and the correct image? Do I need to install any new component of Kantu before doing this?

Can I in a single test check that everything on the page (text, images, links, form inputs etc.) was rendered correctly? How do I do this?

After doing any of the above, I need to continue the recording (i.e. click links or buttons, enter text into text fields, use other form inputs etc.).

Blow-by-blow instructions for doing the above would help me greatly.

Thanks - Rowan