Gets stuck on Line XX and won't move

Not entirely sure if this is a bug or what, but Some of my scripts just get stuck on a certain line, see the screenshot below. This script got stuck on Line 12 and won’t continue. The only way I’m able to get it going again is by STOP and START again.

This appears like a bug to me?

For reference, this macro has CSV input array with 376 urls it opens, runs several steps, then opens another link etc. It works good, sometimes completes, sometimes gets stuck randomly.

Update, this only happens on some scripts and seems to always be click line that gets stuck. But at this point the only way to continue the macro is to manually stop it and start. Otherwise it just hangs here

Another update, different macro - seems the same issue. Intermittent but seems to also get stuck on click

Thank you for reporting this. The challenge is that this issue is tricky to debug. Do you have a test macro for us that we could run here?

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thanks for reaching out, will send one over to you