Get word from captured string with REGEX

Hello, Still very new and don’t really understand how things are structured yet.
I am finally capturing values from a table using StoreText.
No I have a table row column element that has a full sentence but I only want the 4th word.

What I have is
Command= storeText
Target= xpath=/html/body/table/tbody/tr/td[2]/form/table[1]/tbody/tr/td[1]
Value = v1

v1 now contains the string.
I want to use the following regex to get the 4th word
(^(?:\w+ ){3}\K\w+)

Just not sure how I should do it. I am thinking something like the following, or shoudl I be using storeEval(which is deprecated) or some other command?

Command= storeText
Target= Regex=(v1)((^(?:\w+ ){3}\K\w+)
Value = v2