Get myVariables from VBS script

Needing some help defining myVariables
“Command”: “type”,
“Target”: “id=Email”,
“Value”: “${email}”,
Errors stating variable “EMAIL” is not defined
However, if I swap it with “${!cmd_var1}” I get the correct value for &cmd_var1 in the VBS script.

varDictionary.Add “&cmd_var1”, “Fred”
varDictionary.Add “email”, “George”

username = varDictionary.Item(“&cmd_var1”)
email = varDictionary.Item(“email”)

That sounds good, or? Indeed, ${!cmd_var1} had the value from the VBS script. What exactly is the question?

The process is to log into a website and verify the password is correct - That I have working fine
Log into a website and the user changes their password, again working fine.
Issue is when an admin user logs into the website to change the password for another user.
cmd_var1, 2, 3 are being used with username, password, newpassword respectively.
I have to use myVariable for the admin user credentials but can’t figure out how to get them from the VB script to the UIV macros. I’m consistantly getting variable not defined.

Oh, so the challenge is to get more than 3 variables from the VBS script to the macro?

If so, then see here: Passing Variables to a macro (cmd_var9, DateOfBirth=) - #2 by ulrich

Thanks Urlich, that’s exactly what I need to do.
Splitting doesn’t seem feasible since the &cmd_var1 is set to username and is in the URL to log in correctly, and the values are different for each script we’ll be using.
Best way for our application is probably a csv file.
Feed the values in and delete the csv upon closing, same as with the testreport.txt and validation.csv files.