Get complete path of csv to pass to powershell script

Hi i want to send to a powershell script the datasource path.
mailattach.ps1 pathtocsv

how can i get the complete path of csv file?

  "Command": "XRun",
  "Target": "powershell.exe",
  "Value": "-executionpolicy bypass -File  mailattach.ps1 ${pathtocsvfile}"


You need to put the full path to the script and the argument in quotes:

-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File "C:\Users\Path\Path\mailattach.ps1" "${pathtocsvfile}"

And then convert it to a variable in your ps script:

$PathToCSVfile = $args[0]

The pathtocsvfile is datasource folder in file access xmodules.

How can i get it?


You have to use hard drive mode

Im using hard drive mode. But i need a variable to know what is the complete path.

Look in Settings > XModules and under Home Folder is your path.

If you need to put that into a varable:

store | path | myvar

More info:

if i use the macro in two pc, have i change the path?