Functionality of API?

Hi there,
I just wanted to know a bit more about the scripting API. Can you create macros with the API, or can creation of these macros only be done in the program?
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The API is intended to control the script flow (add if/then, check return codes etc).

But if you want to automate the creation of seeshell scripts (e.g. from a Powershell or Python script) you can do this easily, because seeshell scripts are only zip files with images and JSON inside.

So to manually create a seeshell script you create

  • JSON file with the commands
  • Images

and then package everything in a ZIP file, and change the extension from “.zip” to “.see”.

See also here:

The compressed SeeShell macros files are standard zip files. If you rename *.see to *.zip you can open and edit them in Windows Explorer or any other file manager. Some file managers such as Total Commander are even smart enough to let you open the .see files without renaming the extension first. A SeeShell macro consists of a .json file with the macro commands and the corresponding images in .png or .jpg format (.png recommended).