Free OCR Servers downtime

The free OCR API Server is showing frequent downtime nowadays. According to my data, the server goes down in every two hour of span and it remains down for around 10-15 minutes. The server going down is fine as I understand there’s too much of load but I am just want you all to atleast lower the downtime to 6 hours (downtime cycle) or maybe 2-5 minutes (downtime limit). I hope this issue gets fixed as soon as possible. It would be better if you could solve this issue permanently or atleast keep the server up with results taking much time to load.

I am facing this issue with the free OCR API using with Node.js and also with your official website, (I tried this while the Free Server was down).

The free OCR API servers are sometimes a bit overloaded (the PRO servers are not affected by this issue). Right now all works fine, as you can see here:

Are you using engine1 or 2? And what OCR language?

I use OCR Engine 2 and if I am not wrong, for this engine language doesn’t matter. But I use eng language. I know they get overloaded but the downtime is very high. As I suggested, if possible, please lower it down for having better experience to us.

Hi, we added more Engine2 ocr servers. If you see the downtime again, please post here and we will check it again.

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No, it’s even more worse now. I shifted to OCR Engine 1 and the results are the same. The downtime occurs in every 45 minutes - 1 hour and it is stuck for like around 15 minutes or so.

Edit: Sometimes the downtime even occurs in 20 minutes of interval.

Yes, the popularity and thus the load continues to increase for the free OCR plan. We will keep adding more servers to the free plan in the next weeks. We can not add too many at once, because we need to keep the costs in mind here.

The PRO and PRO PDF plans run in different datacenters on completely different (more expensive) machines, and are not affected the high load on the free OCR endpoint.

Okay, I agree on this, keep adding more servers to the free plan as it gets overloaded almost all the time. I would suggest rather than the server going down, try keeping it on and let the time taken for getting the results increase for sometime. Good luck for the future. :slight_smile: