Free OCR API seems down

Just FYI, tried both and free API:

 { ParsedResults: [],
  OCRExitCode: 6,
  IsErroredOnProcessing: true,
  ErrorMessage: [ 'Timed out waiting for results' ],
  ProcessingTimeInMilliseconds: '34419' }

Maybe the free OCR API was overloaded during your test. The online ocr page uses the free OCR API, too (Technically it is just a front-end for the OCR API).

Currently all works fine, see and

That’s possible, but when it was down I checked the status page and it was showing everything was UP, so just thought I’d report it. What is the timeout for the status page anyway? Thanks!

Alright seems that it’s down again but when I check the status page it still says UP. However, looking at it closely, the status page hasn’t been updated for over 10 minutes, perhaps that’s the issue, thanks!

The free OCR API has sometimes short downtimes due to overload/too many users. In the PRO API this issue does not happen (many more servers and capacity).

The status update updates every 10 minutes.

I see, the status page says that it updates every 5 minutes, perhaps you should update that then, thanks!


My mistake, the refresh used to be 10 minutes. But meanwhile the team lowered it to 5 minutes :slight_smile:

I see, so yeah when I reported the issue the status page was not up-to-date. Perhaps that’s something you guys can look into, thanks!