Found major bug with XClick with image@conf.Level when scrollbar is not the highest position

I normally use my automation for a year and it run smoothly.

However, today it does not work well.

When using XClick with image@conf.Level, it does not click at the right location. This bug occurs whenever scrollbar is moved down from highest position.

When the scrollbar is not touched, the XClick works well.

I use a lot of XClick in my automation and this leads to a major problem.

Could you please fix it as soon as you can?

Best Regards,

Edited: forget telling you that I use Chrome for my automation.

Scrollbar moved: Is the element that you want to click still visible?

If not, see here: How does Xclick work?

I did used click to show the element down the page before using XClick. And that is the problem.

When used “click” down the page, the scrollbar moved down. XClick with image@conf.Level now have a problem there.

It seems like the XClick with image@conf.Level try to click at the targeted place + how much scrollbar moved down (the more scrollbar moved down, the more wrongly position).

Hi, could it be that the page is still scrolling while XClick searches for the image? In this case XClick finds the image, but then the image is still moving to another place.

  • If this is the reason, please add PAUSE | 3000 before XClick. This way the image search starts only when the page has stopped scrolling.

  • if that is not the case, a screen video of the issue would be helpful.

Please see the mouse position before and after moving down the scroll bar.
After detecting the image found, move move to click on the wrong position. (the problem appears not just for XClick, but also XMove)

It just likes, XClick / XMove detects on the right position (always).

when moving down scrollbar 20px, the real mouse cursor will go to 20px below the real detected area. and then click on the wrong position.

When moving down scrollbar 100px, the real mouse cursor will go to 100px below the real detected area.

Thanks for the the video, I confirmed it. This is a regression issue, it works fine in earlier versions.

Workaround for now: Either downgrade to an older version, or use
Desktop Automation mode with XDesktopAutomation | true

Same issue here: XClick stopped working on Linux and Mac