Form filling doesn't work

Hi- been trying to enter numbers in a text field box. This is on a website. I’ve tried using X Click, XType, send Keys, etc. but the box never gets filled. Even when it gets clicked on, the cursor never is actually placed in the box. I’m not sure if this is the website, or maybe the way I’m formatting the lines.

This is the path:

Can you post the URL please? Without it the selector posted is useless

it requires a log in. do you still need the URL? I don’t believe you’ll be able to access without one unfortunately.

Then I can only guess which is the selector is wrong. After recording through UIVision, you can choose other selectors that were found. You can also use the extension ChroPath to find selectors

I use ui vision from 1 year and i never seen a field impossibile to fill, in rarely cases need before type to activate with a click/xclick but a form can not be filled I never seen it.

When it’s hard i try with xclick and paste clipboard but a solution always I find.