Form fill-in based on link text

Thought I could migrate from IMACROS, especially I liked the idea of submacroses

Here’s what I need to convert.
Basically, I need to find each occurrence of ‘32’ in the first cell of the table row and select gb from the dropdown next to the found cell.

SET !VAR1 32
TAG POS=R1 TYPE=SELECT FORM=ID:aspnetForm ATTR=ID:*value_field_10* CONTENT=${{!VAR2}}

Maybe somebody could give a hint?

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It is a while since I migrated from iMacros, but here are some hints:

  • Change SET !VAR1 32 to Store | 32 | var1

  • Change TAG POS={{!LOOP}} TYPE=A ATTR=TXT:*{{!VAR1}}* EXTRACT=TXT to the command storeText. You find the right locator by recording a click on the element (just as you probably did with iMacros.) For more info, see this web scraping tutorial

  • Variable notation is ${var1}. UI.Vision also has a loop variable: ${!LOOP}

  • TAG POS=R1 … this is the iMacros relative extraction, or? UI.Vision uses the standard XPath notation instead, which can achieve the same. To learn more about XPath, see for example

  • To fill text into a form, use the TYPE command