Form does not allow filling of information with the copy and paste commands, I can only fill in the form's gaps by typing the information, how to solve this?

Good morning, I’m developing an RPA to automate a form filling process for an application, but between the gaps to be filled I can’t copy and paste the information from the CSV file because the form doesn’t accept copying and pasting the information but only information typed.

I suggest you use XType | text to fill or XType | ${!COL1}

Important: With Xtype, you must first CLICK or XCLICK on the input box, so the right field has the focus.

You can use XType | ${KEY_TAB} to jump between input fields if your form supports the TAB key.

hello, even using the XType command | text to fillouXType | ${!COL1}It was not possible to add the information inside the form, wouldn’t there be another command that can solve this problem?

Can you provide a screen video of the issue?