Force mouse inside input box in prompt command?

Hi all,

I’m making several tests using Prompt command and I was wondering if there is a way to force the mouse or cursor to positionate inside the input box? since, at least in my case, my tests would be faster only write the text I need in input box and send “Enter” instead of the needof first select manually with the mouse the input box to write what I need.

If this option doesn´t exist, not sure if for you suppose something good to add to ui vision extension features.


Thanks for this very good suggestion, we will look into it.

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V9.1.5 has this feature now. Thanks again for the suggestion.

Thanks @admin for a so fast update. I have more ideas of suggest, at least for me could be good.

I’ve just tried the new version with the small macro below, and I get some weird behavior. When reached the prompt command, it was opened the prompt window and other instance of UI Vision IDE. happened about 3 times, the only opened the prompt as how should be done.

  "Name": "test",
  "CreationDate": "2024-4-12",
  "Commands": [
      "Command": "open",
      "Target": "",
      "Value": "",
      "Description": ""
      "Command": "click",
      "Target": "xpath=//*[@id=\"start\"]/div/p",
      "Value": "",
      "Description": ""
      "Command": "prompt",
      "Target": "Test",
      "Value": "abc",
      "Description": ""

Others reported the same issue with V9.1.3 - but we can not recreate it reliably. I saw it once myself, but since then never again. Very mysterious bug…

Does this issue always happen for you? Or only sometimes? Any idea on how to trigger this issue?

The first time that happened to me was today. When I see your post with the update about prompt command in new version of the IDE, I decided to test it in another machine (a Windows 11 virtual machine that I have just installed).

My steps were like this:

1-) In that W11 VM I installed chrome
2-) I installed UI Vision
3-) I installed Desktop automation module
4-) In a untitled macro I tried to run “prompt” command an didn’t work.
5-) Then I recorded the first 2 steps of the macro I posted in my previous answer.
6-) I added the Prompt command to that recorded macro in step 5. (The macro has 3 commands now)
7-) I ran the macro and I didn’t see the prompt window since it was behind of the IDE and when I was trying to search the prompt window, I saw the other instance of the IDE opened.
8 -) I repeated 2 or 3 more times the macro and the issue was repeated too. Another IDE instance again.
9-) I close everything and tried to run the macro again and the issue wasn’t reproduced anymore.

Not sure if the issue could be triggered by others variables, but in my case happened with a fresh installed of chrome, UI Vision and Desktop automation x module.

I hope it helps you to fix it.


I can confirm this issue. Has been around since version 9.0.6.
I just tested again with the version 9.1.5 and still see this.