Follow ´All Post Owners´ at a location of instagram

Good day.
I am trying to add the post owners for a location on instagram.
For example: Follow every post owner shared a post at this location

I try to hit people and click follow. But when I play what I recorded it returns with an error.

timeout reached when looking for element ‘xpath=//*[@id=“react-root”]/section/main/article/div[2]/div/div[10]/div[2]/a/div[2]/ul’

thank you…

Can you post a screenshot of what button you need to click?

For general tips see Unable to click link

Please do not mention the screenshot 1 and 2 (they are just to show you how to open the page I want to work on)

At screenshot 3 you will see the location page of Manhattan Time Square on instagram. I want it record the action which will open every signle person posted on that location (on that page) and follow it. Click the follow button and than repeat it for the next post owner…

You need a custom macro, i already create a macro to follow on facebook but only you can know function you need.

There are not general macro to do this, only custom work.

I see. Thank your for the answer. Have a wonderful day…

To do this you must split in 2 work

  1. Create e list of profile to follow to load with loop
  2. Create a macro to follow the profile