[FIXED] Kantu won't stay minimised

I believe the following command brings Chrome back into the foreground:

      "Command": "selectWindow",
      "Target": "TAB=OPEN",
      "Value": "${!COL18}"

Hope this helps

I think that is a “feature” of chrome itself. If you open a new tab, it wants to be in the foreground. Is it the same in Firefox?

I can’t use Firefox because I use iMacros on it :blush: (meaning it’s an old version)

If you use Firefox Portable, you can install a new version in parallel :wink:

Thanks for the tip. Don’t suppose you know if it can be launched from the command line do you? No worries if you don’t; just saves me searching.


Spoke too soon. Whilst Chrome does remain minimised, it seems Kantu “pauses”. Maximising Chrome kickstarts it back into running.