First steps failure

I’m doing my first steps with Kantu and I’m getting stucked at the first beguining…
I just only want to write a simple script in order to automatize some clicks im my desktop envoirement.
At the first step I use Xclick command > Select . Then I select an icon area from the emerging screenshot area. So, once that image is stored an renamed it does not match at all with the one I really selected, and of course, consequently can’t find or execute anything.
Im using Windos 10 Home and playing Kantu over Firefox Addon.
Its probably a dumb issue but ir has me really frustrated, so any help will be thanked!

Doing some test I’ve found that swithching the toggle [Show orifginal Size* vs 50%] in the screen selection area it solves the issue of matching selected-stored image.
Anyway, once corrected, the Macro stills not founding match image…

[error] Image ‘v9dniS_dpi_131.png’ (conf. = 0.7) not found

Can you post a screencast of the issue? Then we can see what is going on.

Hi, here It is…

As simple as that… :frowning:
Thanks for any help or clue…