Firefox Portable for Ui vision is a supported browser?

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Today I enter in the machine via RDP to test ui vision and report bugs, I found some bugs with firefox portable, is a supported browser firefox portable edition ?

If is a supported browser I write the bugs, but if firefox portable is not a supported browser from ui vision and xmodules i do not report these bugs

For firefox portable I use these version

There are some differecence between firefox portable and firefox installed.

I wait a reply to report bugs with firefox portable edition.


The portable version of Firefox is not officially supported, but if you see issues with Firefox Portable V71 that you do not see with the regular version, please still report it and mention that it only happens in the portable version.

If this is a bug that we can easily fix, we will do it, even it happens “only” in the portable version.

Hi @admin

I saved in the desktop of the virtual machine 3 videos see them see with vlc that I downloaded and there are 3 bugs that I indicated in this post, I hope you can fix it.

I found 3 bug with firefox portable version and ui vision.

I tested it in virtual machine with RDP access.

  1. I deleted from hard drive the demo folder, after i open firefox portable with ui vision it download again the demo macro, i deleted more times demo folder, and every time I open firefox portable and open ui vision i found again the the demo folder (see video in desktop virtualmachine)

  2. Firefox portable with ui vision open multiple tabs with command “selectWindow”.random (see video in desktop virtualmachine)

  3. Xmodules 201908 not detected in some moments, after i must closed via task manager firefox process and restart firefox portable to detect again xmodules 201908 (see video in desktop virtualmachine)

These bugs seem random, you can try firefox 71 portable is in the desktop folder, there are the video folder too.

I left in the virtual machine desktop a folder with 3 videos to watch with vlc where you can notice the ui vision bugs with firefox portable.

I hope it can be solved otherwise ui vision is not compatible with firefox portable.


Thanks, we will check this Monday. But just to clarify: So the issues happen only in Firefox portable?

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The 3 bugs mentioned in the previous post occurred are firefox portable (you find in desktop folder with this firefox portable) while today it occurred with firefox installed in the virtual machine the bug of the multiple tabs of open firefox, now I create the video.

The bug of multiple tabs open is random does not always occur I have carried out numerous tests, I leave the 4 and 5 video in the desktop of the virtual machine so you can view it and you can also see the code of the macro used, it does not always occur so you have to try more times (perhaps with a batch file that opens and closes firefox).

4 video firefox installed open multiple tabs with command “selectWindow” (see 1 video firefox installed in desktop virtual machine).

5 video firefox installed runned via command line batch file with closebrowser1 and close Kantu1 do not work and firefox cpu go 50% after manually closure firefox crash (see 2 video firefox installed in desktop virtual machine).

To see video use Vlc portable please continue if you see any error (probably codec missing) but the video play regulary.

I continue to test and report bugs.

Hi admin

I saved 5 different videos with bugs, please see the video

3 videos for firefox portable
2 videos for firefox installed

All browser are in dektop of virtual machine

Next days i try to reproduce other bugs, some are random and do not appears always and i need time to recorder it.

Good year 2020 :slight_smile:

Hello, thanks again for testing. Here is a status update. We have (had) 4 open issues reported by you:

  • Two tabs opening at the same time in Firefox with
    selectWindow | tab=open |

  • Firefox did not close when started from command line with "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" "file:///C:/Users/dev1/Desktop/Tab_Open_New.html?macro=Tab_Open_New&direct=1&storage=xfile&closeBrowser=1&closeKantu=1"

  • XModules not detected when there are many CSV files

  • Sometimes demo files reappear

Issue 3+4 are work in progress. But issue 1+2 should be fixed. => If you have time, please reconnect to the test machine to confirm this. The “old” login still works fine. Of course, if we missed an issue, let me know!

Here is the XPI for testing locally: (V3.5.11)

Of course, anyone is welcome to use this update for testing. Just note that this is a nightly build without QA.

Thanks, later I log on to the virtual machine I install the new extension of firefox and i do tests and I bring you any news.

I reported 4 bugs as indicated by you.

For second bug

  • Firefox did not close when started from command line with "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" "file:///C:/Users/dev1/Desktop/Tab_Open_New.html?macro=Tab_Open_New&direct=1&storage=xfile&closeBrowser=1&closeKantu=1"

After runned via command line when firefox do not automatically close after CPU go on 100% in my machine (in virtual machine 50%) and after some minutes go in crash and show crashreporter of firefox (probably is linked to the non-closing of firefox which leads to the complete crash of firefox).

I have the login data to the virtual machine, I do some tests with the new xpi and I inform you.

Thanks for support

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Hi @admin

Today i tried new addons V3.5.11 in firefox and bug nr 1 and 2 seem solved.

I’ll continue to try in next day but in my test bugs 1 and 2 not appears and firefox and ui vision working well in both version installed and portable.

I inform you if some bug return.


Hi @admin

Today I found another bug in addons V3.5.11 in firefox ui vision addons, testsuite via command line do not work with folder=XXX

I added folder in command line but report 0 macro inside (there are macro inside folder).

I can NOT try in virtual machine space, if you can free space please i try to reproduce in virtual machine.

* [status]

Playing test suite Automatic_1

* [info]

Test Suite name: Automatic_1 Start Time: Fri Jan 24 2020 17:42:48 GMT+0100 (Ora standard dell’Europa centrale) Overall status: Error, Runtime: 0.35s Macro run: 0 Success: 0 Failure: 0 Macro executed:



The folder test suite replay issue is fixed with V5.3.17 - thanks again for reporting it!

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