Firefox new version: executeScript_Sandbox issues

Thank you, thank yoy and thank you again!! I’m really excited about this long-awaited news.

Well… after a couple days testing my pre-existing macros I have found the following issues:

:one: Some javascript code is no longer interpreted correctly by executeScript_Sandbox although no error is displayed

return sn

Previous versions of UI.Vision returned the matched 8 digit number assigned to sn variable
Latest version returns the whole string initially assigned to su variable so it looks like the match function is not properly processed.

:two: Bad clipboard handling by executeScript_Sandbox while working in sidebar

return xyz

Running this in pop-up window works fine and only the string in xyz variable is transferred to clipboard while running in sidebar it appends also the macro line number and the corresponding code.

:three: Very slow JS string command handling and… ouch… no handling at all
With the following commands I was able to clean the user-entered text of unwanted characters.

  "Command": "prompt",
  "Target": "Question 1",
  "Value": "aaa",
  "Description": "Ask for a string to be entered"
  "Command": "executeScript_Sandbox",
  "Target": "xxx=${aaa};\nyyy=xxx.replace(/[ÆæǢǣǼǽ]/g,\"ae\").replace(/[\\u0022\\u2033\\u2034\\u201c\\u201d\\u201e\\u201f\\u2017]/g,\"\").replace(/[\\u0060\\u0180\\u2018\\u2019\\u201a\\u201b\\u2032\\u00b4]/g,\"\\u0027\").replace(/[\\u005c\\u2044]/g,\"\\u002f\").replace(/[\\u00b7\\u2012\\u2013\\u2014\\u2015]/g,\"\\u002d\").trim()\nreturn yyy",
  "Value": "aa2",
  "Description": "Cleans the entered string of unwanted characters"

This is no longer working and the output string is exactly the same as the one entered.
Moreover, the execution of this command has now become very slow whereas previously it was lightning fast.

Thanks for the detailed report and test cases!

Issue 1+3 related to executeScript_Sandbox. It seems there is an issue with regular expressions in Firefox.

=> We are trying to fix this issue asap.

Issue 2: I don’t understand :thinking:. What has this command to do with the clipboard?