Finding text in a webpage

Hi, can anyone tell me which command I can use to find a specific text in webpage?

I work in a field that is way different than programming and I have superficial knowledge about it but I have learned and read about many of the commands and made a code that helped me.

But now I am searching for a simple command to find a simple text on any webpage, nothing specific.
I will give an example, this Google webpage, how can I make it search for “Google Search” in it?

There are a few options to search for text on a website. Each method has their own advantage:

Find text / extract text on website

If you can tell us on what website you want to find what text, we can help more concrete.

To get started, I would try sourceSearch.

Hey ulrich,

Thank you sooo much for you help. I have tried sourceSearch and it worked perfectly. This is the code.

  "Command": "sourceSearch",
  "Target": "May",
  "Value": "text",
  "Description": ""

I have also tried assertText but sourceSearch was much easier.

My question is that I want to search for a date on a page and I want the code to find it.
Let us say, as in the code above, I am searching for the word “May”, and I want the code to click on it only if it finds one of these [1 May, 2 May or 3 May]. Is it possible to do that? I want to give it a specific range of numbers.

Search for a range of text:

  1. Use sourceSearch with regular expression: Regular expression containing one word or another

  2. Or if you want to avoid using regular expressions:

  • sourceSearch | Word1 | a1
  • sourceSearch | Word2 | a2
  • sourceSearch | Word3 | a3
  • if | ({a1} + {a2}+ ${a3}) > 0 |
    – Do something…
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