Filling a google form from dynamic field values fetched from Servicenow orchestrator

Dear UI Vision Experts,

We are trying to automate simple google form by deriving the values from Servicenow form,
I am very new to UI Vision and have recently started learning.
The requirement here for us is:-
When there is an incident created in Servicneow and is closed we need to fill a google form with some field values derived from SErvicenow.
Ex:- Description and worknotes of incident should be copied over to google form after an incident has been created

My understanding for this approach is to write a powershell script which contains the commands to run UIVision RPA and execute the powershell in servicenow when required.

Can anyone please help me with this, any pointers to get started would do as well.

I have installed Powershell on my MAC and trying to figure out things, If I could speed things up woth the communitys help that would be wonderful.

Thanks and Regards,

I never used Powershell on a Mac, only on Windows.

But in any case, the first step would be to find out how you can trigger a command line from ServiceNow.

Once you have this, call your Powershell or Python script from ServiceNow.

Here is the UI Vision source code with code examples: