FileAccess Xmodule 'Not Installed' Issue

Hi all,

I’m able to install the FileAccess Xmodule successfully on my windows pc, and the UIvision folder appears on my desktop. However, when I go into the settings that status is showing ‘Not Installed’ and testing it via the ‘test it’ button gives an “status updated: not installed” prompt. I’ve tried reinstalling, but i’m not having any luck. Has anyone seen this before or know how to fix this?

Hi, what Windows version are you using? And are the other XModules installed ok?


I am using windows 10 version 10.0.19043 Build 19043. I am only using the chrome extension at the moment, but I wanted to install the xmodule in order to store macros on my hard drive


And are the other XModules installed ok?

Could you list those please and show me how to check them? I basically followed the ‘how to install on windows’ section here below and installed the executable

Download XModules for enhanced features, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) (

The exe file I used was called uivision-xmodules-setup-v202103b

I marked the other Xmodules yellow:

Okay, gotcha. Yeah, all xModules show a status of Not installed

I’m getting a successful install completion and no errors. Could it be the install location perhaps?

Can you install UI Vision for Edge and Firefox, and check if you can see the XModules there? Both browsers use the same XModules.

Ah interesting, so I tried it through Chrome and it’s showing up as installed. I didn’t clarify before, but it was Edge that wasn’t working. I tried removing the extension from Edge and adding it back, but Edge is still not working.

I think I can float with the Chrome method for now. Thanks for the help

Thanks for this hint. For me it works on Edge, too - but we will keep this report in mind. My guess is that your Enterprise version of Windows has some restrictions for Edge in place.

I am not sure of the restrictions, but i am unable to download and install the Xmodules on my system (tried with UIvision on chrome, edge and firefox). is there a way I can autoimport csv files from the Downloads to UIvision local storage? My requirement is that daily a csv file export is done from an application and we need to search a particular value’s index. I can do everything except automatically upload the csv file. Is there a workaround ?