File upload window not opening

I’m trying to automate a file upload to a site using Kantu Chrome extension on a Windows 10 laptop. To initiate the upload the user/automation needs to click on a graphic image. I’ve got the Kantu automation to find the image using visualAssert and click on it using click #efp. However the window for selecting the file to upload from the disk does not appear until the Kantu macro finishes running. After the click #efp I have a pause 3000 followed by XType and XType ${KEY_ENTER}, both of which are not executing correctly because the window does not appear.

I’m not sure why this is happenning. Please help.

Can you post the website link? If not, one thing to try is to replace

  • visualAssert | image
  • click | #efp


  • xclick | image

The difference is that XClick simulates a real mouse click, while click | #efp sends a Javascript mouse event.

Unfortunately this is on an internal site. I’ve done some further testing and found that after I added XType {KEY_ENTER} that it seems to be working and bringing up the file select window. Thanks.