File parameter not working

I’m testing the free OCR API right now in postman but getting this response when trying to upload a file using the file parameter in the body:

    "OCRExitCode": 99,
    "IsErroredOnProcessing": true,
    "ErrorMessage": [
        "Parameter name 'file' is invalid. Valid parameters: apikey,url,language,isoverlayrequired,base64image,iscreatesearchablepdf,issearchablepdfhidetextlayer,filetype,addressparsing,scale,detectorientation,istable,ocrengine,detectcheckbox,checkboxtemplate,checkboxtemplateregex",
        "Please check if you need to URL encode the URL passed in request parameters."
    "ProcessingTimeInMilliseconds": "0"

Strange, “file” should work! => Can you please post a screenshot of the Postman screen?