File access installation fails on Linux (xubuntu 21.10)

I have downloaded the file uivision-xmodules-linux-v202103.AppImage, set it executable and run it. The RealUser and CV modules have installed OK but the FileAccess module has failed to install.

If I run the installation script from the command line I see the following error:-

chris$ ./
./ 30: Bad substitution
chris$ vi ./

So there’s a bug in the script! It’s a bit of bash shell substitution that isn’t working. Does anyone know how to fix it and where should I report it?

Further investigation and testing indicates that it isn’t the problem I thought, however it’s still not installed!

Aaaarghhh!!! Replying to my own post again. I’ve fixed the problem by exiting and restarting my web browser (Vivaldi).

So I can save to file system now, but it’s odd that the other two module worked straight away but the file system one needs the browser to be restarted.

Sorry for the noise everyone.